Hiking Around Campus!

By Acacia Barrett

Today, my friend Ryleigh and I decided that we wanted to go on a hike since it was so nice out and all our other friends were busy. Plus, hiking would be a great way to get out of the dorms for a bit and take a breather before having to go back to studying for finals. As soon as we had this thought though, we realized that not only did neither of us want to take the bus, but neither of us can drive or even own bikes. So, we decided to see what Northern Arizona University had to offer us and decided to look for some good hiking places right here on campus. NAU claims to have a lot of things that are right here on campus and the college did not disappoint!


Gotta stay hydrated!

Not only did we discover little spots on campus that we didn’t know existed, we got to go on the trails that we would see walking around campus. We had a blast and was very relaxing. I wish that I had tried hiking these paths sooner. I feel a lot calmer about studying now, and I did not have to even leave campus! I would highly recommend doing this if you just need a break like we did because it is right on campus and you can spend as little time as 20 minutes out there just relaxing and taking in the beautiful Northern Arizona landscape and creatures. There are even some nice bike paths if you are not up for walking. It, overall, was an amazing experience and knowing me, I will be back out there again before the end of finals week. I am planning on taking full advantage of this weather while it is still as pretty as it is.


Final Class

Final Class By Alex Root


Today was our last day of class. After almost 20 weeks, the last day has finally come. In a fitting last class, we were invited to Julie’s house for a potluck. Everyone brought such great food choices. From Oreos to enchiladas, we had a nice feast together as a family. Most of us were there, and even a neighbor or two decided to attend.



Once we all arrived we busted into the food. It was delightful and enjoyed in the company of good friends. We ate for a long time, even going back for seconds. The night was really fun and easy.

After we had finished our meal, time for some yearbooks! Okay so they weren’t really yearbooks, they were paper plates, but the idea was still the same. We taped paper plates to our backs and then everyone wrote on the paper plates. We wrote down everything from the downright random, to the heartfelt and inspirational. Understanding what you mean to others is a very humbling and interesting experience. Especially in a class as close knit as this one.


The third and final part of the evening was a trust-circle-like activity. We all piled on top of, or around Julie’s couch, and we were asked to speak our feelings of the class. Of the entire night, this was the most emotional part of the night. To hear how each of us has had an influence and impact on the others was a truly emotionally experience. We had become like a family.


Of all of our classes this was truly the most emotionally eventful. From eating together to expressing our deepest love for each other, this class just goes to show how it was much more than just gardening. It was about friendship. I’m sure that none of us will forget the impact this class had upon our lives, and I am grateful to have been apart of it all.


-Alex Root


The Lovely Market

Today was a great day to experience some delicious produce, here in our very own town of Flagstaff. Approximately three miles away from my dorm is a really nice farmers market. It happens to be called “Flagstaff Farmers Market”. I was intrigued by the amount of ripe and beautiful looking fruits and vegetables they had lined up from the back to the front. My eye caught more towards the rarities of the store, considering that they had great looking honey, tea, blue bird flour, salsa and even candy!

Very welcoming entrance and vibe.
The one and only “Flagstaff Farmers Market”

The staff worked really hard and I was able to have the luxury of asking some questions and learn. I was surprised to hear that the business is family operated and own…. considering I almost asked for a job. They are local, affordable and they genuinely care about their customers, which leads me to this entry. The marketing style that they approach with… is no style at all. They are passionate about giving to the people and receiving smiles, instead of filling their pockets.

I was very stoked to buy these.

More love needs to be blended in all business. I happened to buy a good amount of carrots, since I couldn’t allow myself to walk out empty-handed. I plan to go to this location a lot next semester and begin to support more of our local markets. The three mile drive is exceptionally worth the amount of produce you can haul back.

Had a very wide selection!

Was glad that i opened my mind to the mechanics behind running a nice little establishment such as this and the perks that it involves. I received the privilege to end my night with making a nice salad with some organic produce stirred in and it was great! In conclusion, I highly recommend any reader to check this place out, if you haven’t already, because I couldn’t complain whatsoever.

WALL-E w/ Friends

By: Isabella Troggio

April 20 2018

Image result for wall e

On Friday March 20th, me and a few fellow classmates went over to south campus to watch WALL-E for extra credit. This film is about the last surviving robot on earth. Many years ago earth was overcome with loads and loads of trash and the humans had to leave earth on a spaceship so that the robots could clean while they were gone. Not a single thing was alive on earth and each day the spaceship would send down one robot to try and find any form of life. Finally, a robot named Eve found a plant. Once she went back to the spaceship and showed the captain the plant so they were all free to go home. However, throughout the movie there are many twists and turns including an intertwined love story.

Image result for students watching a movie

Real photo of my classmates and I watching WALL-E

At the end of the movie we each had to write down a question to ask everyone pertaining to the movie, My question was “if the world becomes overran with pollution and garbage, what do you think our first steps would be to overcome it?” I think we got a really good discussion in and it really opened our minds to new ideas.

Image result for wall-e garbage

earth overcome with trash in movie

Image result for walle plant

first sign of life found on earth

Sedona Hiking Trip

By Gabriel Abeyta

On Sunday April 22, a few classmates and Student Teacher Emily went on a hiking trip in Sedona, Arizona. Participants include Ash, Sam, Grace, Nick, Myself, and Emily. We left NAU around 10:15 am, Emily and myself being the drivers. The Drive to Sedona was at times beautiful looking at the mountains and beautiful rock.

Upon arriving to our destination, we experienced a beautiful 2-3 mile hike near the airport. Not being in the best of shape I definitely got a good workout in, which made the trip all the worth it.

Beautiful Day to Explore a Giant Rock!

After traveling up a large deformed stair case, we gathered for a group photo. I do not know the exact temperature but if I had to say a number I would say it felt like 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, we did not see any wild life during the hike, but we did see a few dogs so I guess that counts as something.

I had trouble uploading all the photos so the quality is very blurry.
Beautiful background in this one. 
 After going to Indian Gardens, a fantastic restaurant on the side of the road, we went across the street to a creek. If I remember correctly, we had an accident where grace nearly fell all the way into the creek soaking her pants. I did not feel the water, however I sat above the area and watched the others enjoy themselves.
The Great Emily and Sam by the creek.


Peace on Earth, Man!

By Nick Badalamenti and Chandler Boldig
On Friday, April 13th, Earth Jam Events held a music festival at NAU’s central quad. It was a chance for NAU students to be outside and enjoy some free music and food while also celebrating the earth. There was even a huge rock-climbing wall for students to test their climbing skills! The atmosphere at this event was free and easy and everyone had a smile on their face. On a small yet well-built stage, a band of what seemed to be NAU students performed covers of some classic rock songs. Although rock music did not really fit the mood of this event, the band did a fantastic job, and everyone seemed to be loving their music. Two girls in particular were dancing their hearts out to every single song as if they were at a concert featuring one of their favorite bands. Across from the stage were several tables with people offering their goods and services. One table was giving away free reusable cups and mugs, one table offered lessons in how to make your own sewing kit, another table had a clothing exchange, and much more. It was great to see people who are passionate about certain things be able to demonstrate their passion to students at NAU. Those who received the free cups were able to learn about the importance of reusing containers rather than using plastic cups every time you purchase a drink. Those who learned how to make a sewing kit learned about the benefits of being able to make your own clothing. All in all, this was a great event hosted by Earth Jams. If you are someone who likes free food, free music, or even rock-climbing, I would highly recommend attending this event if it occurs again in the future. Being outside on a beautiful day with great music and people who genuinely care about the earth is a day well spent if you ask me!

Large trees provided shade for some of the tables and booths

Only a brave few attempted to conquer the rock wall

One of the bands performing some covers of classic songs

The band and a couple of their fans

A beautiful flower because why not

March for Science

By Anastasia Salazar

Date of Event: April 14, 2017

It was a nice breezy day, filled with joy as hundreds of passionate individuals gathered at Thorpe Park in Flagstaff, Arizona for science. On this beautiful Saturday at 2 p.m., I went on an adventure with some friends to the March for Science event that began at the park mentioned above and ended at the City Council. To be honest, I tagged along with my friends to see what this event was all about.

Me on the right with some friend for the March for Science at Thorpe Park.

I had no clue what it meant when people were yelling, “What do we want? Evidence-based action. When do we want it? After peer-review!”. I was so lost in the commotion, however at the end, I went to experience what it would be like to protest in which many others were inspired about. My main question was: Why would hundreds of individuals be marching for science?

Many individuals created unique posters for their dogs. This one was the cutest! It is a Science Lab!

Well later on that day I discovered from a speech that all across the country thousands of individuals are fighting for science because board members and the government officials have been diminishing not only the funds for science, however the idea of it. Many activists at this march were outraged at the fact that they had to march for pure facts.

All of us marching to the city council.

The idea behind this march was to showcase that people care about what science has done for society as a whole. It has provided the world with protection, communication, learning, and growing yet the government and states seem to degrade it by objecting pure facts and cutting funds. Many of the individuals who spoke at this event were upset at the fact that leaders of America were making science political when science stands on its own.

One of the speakers Paul, a scientist, speaking to us about the importance of standing up against politics.

Without science, we would not have such an advanced society where people can live longer and be healthier. This march signifies how close-knitted Flagstaff is to the bases of what science is. This event brought together fellow students and scientists to fight for a wonderful cause. I am glad I participated with friends to experience the passion people feel towards science and would do it again.