Flagstaff Community and School Gardens Tour!

Here are some photos from our community and school gardens tour on Saturday, September 12th.

12039161_10206700819895054_8265791536589110287_o 12031587_10206700818375016_8708479562254245406_o 12029642_10206700817574996_4321878621656609078_o 12028900_10206700816974981_1037781376593587651_o 12027099_10206700816774976_2064424938440886870_o 12006549_10206700822095109_120928034314922302_o 12002447_10206700822415117_2515614394724431022_o 11707943_10206700816654973_8169992555286626394_o 11228045_10206700815494944_5236941936798665147_o 11014274_10206700816294964_8582257776351415041_o 10987440_10206700821815102_5413231643100887547_o 10448470_10206700822495119_309001099423733650_o


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