Artisan Blog Entry

By: Meghan Ris and Emma Toncheff

     Our Flagstaff Artisan we interviewed was Marina Vasquez. Marina is from Huehuentenango, Guatemala. When she was just 10 years old, her and her family moved to Guatemala City. While Marina and her family were living in Guatemala City, they made and sold coiled baskets and wmarinasellingbasketoven clothing, just to make it by day to day. From living this way, Marina realized how important it was for her to get an education. Everyday after selling with her family, she would attend high school. Once she finished high school she attended college level classes. After she finished college she taught as a Spanish-as-a-Second-Language-Teacher in the mountains of Guatemala. Smarinahe eventually met her husband, Miguel, and they moved to the United States. When they got to the United States, Marina taught at community colleges and was a substitute and high school teacher for many years. She eventually found her way to Northern Arizona University. In the 1990’s Marina helped to develop Spanish curriculum for Education Systems at NAU. Currently Marina teaches Applied Indigenous Studies at NAU.





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