How to Make Soap by Meghan Ris & Emma Toncheff

Step 1: First you will need to buy a block of glycerin soap. Which can be purchased at Michael’s, Target, or Walmart.

image1Step 2: Second you will need to cut the block of glycerin soap into small enough pieces, so that they can melt easily.


Step 3: In a microwave safe bowl  will melt together all of the pieces of glycerin soap. It should take around 1 minute or less. You will want the pieces to be completely in the liquid state and melted.


Step 4: Combine all the oils and herbs that you want to use and blend them together. You can use any type of blender it does not matter. Blend them so that they are in a liquid state. There will still be some chunks after blending but that is okay.

Step 5: Pour the blended oils and herbs into the bowl of melted glycerin soap. Stir the oils, herbs, and glycerin soap together.


Step 6: You will need to melt the oil, herbs, and glycerin one more time, so that there is no more chunks.

Step 7: Pour the melted mixture into a soap mold. You can find a soap mold online, at Michael’s, or you can you a bread pan.


Step 8: Wait for the soap to harden completely. It may be helpful to put it in the freezer to speed up the process.



Step 9: Once the soap is completely hardened, cut it into pieces. You can use any knife, but the most effective is an actual soap cutter. The pieces of soap can be any size that you want.


Step 10: Wrap the pieces of soap with any type of material that you would like.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.14.12 PM




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