The Golden Hive: a look into comercial beekeeping

Dana Kamberg: 12/9/15

As a beekeeping group, we were fortunate to not only meet briefly with Dr. Patrick Pynes, but we also explored the new shop in Flagstaff: The Golden Hive. Here we met Tracy Heirigs who graciously gave us a tour through her candle/bee product store while giving us the background on what she did, why, and how.

Tracy’s Candles, made out of melted bee’s wax

Tracy has been living in Flagstaff for about eighteen years, and only a year ago did she open her store. She was raised around bees and has a few hives of her own. She explained to us that for every eight pounds of honey, bees produce one pound of wax. On average, a hive can produce up to 60 to 100 pounds of honey per year which equates to about 12 1/2 pounds of wax in a year. Tracy gets her wax not only from her own hives, but from multiple different   beekeeper’s hives (on a large scale). So she’s not limited to waiting on her hives in order to produce the products she needs to sell.

A top bar beehive

Tracy explained to us the difference between top bar beehives and the langstroth bee hive. Tracy personally prefers the langstroth, as it yields much more honey in a shorter amount of time. There’s less work involved in upkeep, and  the bees don’t work as hard as they might in a top bar. While this was great information to have, it made us question which type of hives are best for bees, with production set aside.

A bee wanted explore the shop (yes, it’s alive)

Tracy explained to us as well that she prefers to do what she loves and focus on that course of living rather than the monetary side of life. This concept for one was intriguing as each of could relate to the want of working in a way that is fulfilling and brings about purpose- whether the income is high or not. Overall, we enjoyed meeting with Tracy and gained a lot of insight from our meeting with her. If you’re interested in learning more about her shop, or would like to personally get in contact, you can utilize the information below:

Shop Phone: (928)440-5030

8 W Route 66, Flagstaff Arizona


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