Chicken Coop How-To

By Allison Altsisi


The Chicken Group (Inka Knittle, Benjamin Burch, Angelo Camacho, Allison Altsisi) worked on designing the plans for a future chicken coop in the Colton Community Garden.


The coop has been designated a 20ft by 20ft spot in the southwest corner of the garden (above). The coop itself (below) is about 8ft by 6ft and the rest of the space will be used for a run and space for the chickens to run around.


Our design can be found on


Reasons Chickens are the Best

  • They do not require a lot of space
  • They offer nutritious eggs and meat
  • They make nitrogen-rich waste that makes great fertilizer
  • They are very entertaining
  • They are helpful in turning over the soil and getting it ready for planting
  • They do not require much attention

These chickens will be very beneficial to the garden because we hope they will be able to bring more people to the garden, and by doing so, also bringing the Flagstaff community closer together. The chickens will be taken care of Lissa Buyske in the summer and volunteers will take care of them in the winter.

For this coop to be built we need funding for supplies like concrete, chicken wire, roofing panels, and cinder blocks. We are getting lumber donations from a soon-to-be torn down Art Barn. We estimate our total needs will be $350. To donate please go to


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