Artisan Profile: Phyllis Hogan; How to make salve


This journey began with the simple desire to create. Create something natural, from the land and garden we worked at.  So Baylee, Miranda and I began our research with a woman who knows more about medical herbs and ethnobotany than probably anyone in the Southwest United Statesunnamed-1.jpg

Prior to our interview with Phyllis Hogan Baylee and I toured her beautiful storefront. unnamed-2.jpgAdmiring her wide array of herbs, washes, salves, makeup and more that her and her daughters made.


Phyllis Hogan is an ethno botanist who has been studying the state of Arizona for many different plants and herbs that can be used as medicine.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.20.07 AM.png

Phyllis has a lot of different herbs and spices available to buy from her store: Winter Sun.


Along with herbs and plants, Phyllis also has a wide variety of teas that can be used as different remedies.


Emily enjoying the tester of the Pinon Salve that Phyllis’s daughters make.


Phyllis’s daughters also have their own organic make up line.



After cooking the herbs in a crock pot for 6 hours we drain them with a cheese cloth into a bowl.


In this picture Miranda and Emily are separating the stems from the elderberries. And placing the berries in the jar.


Then Miranda and Rosemary’s daughter Bryn measure beeswax to add to the juice from the herbs. The beeswax, once melted into the mixture is what helps create the consistency of slave we want.unnamed-4.jpg

Then, we pour the melted mixture into metal tins.unnamed-5.jpg

Now we wait for the salve to harden so it can be used and sold to raise money for the garden!


In this picture Miranda, Bren and her teacher are making bath salts.

BY: Baylee, Emily, & Miranda



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