Irrigation Artisan Profile: Hattie Braun


Whether you plan on having or improving a garden, an essential key to aid in the creation of a beautiful garden is to have the appropriate irrigation for your garden. In light of this, I was lucky to have met an irrigation expert that helped me in developing an irrigation system that would be the most appropriate for Colton Community Garden


My irrigation project couldn’t have happened without the help of my irrigation artisan, Hattie Braun. Hattie helped me in finding a good irrigation system that would work successfully in the Colton Community Garden, and she introduced me to polytubing and emitter  tubing systems.


Along with Hattie, I was able to develop an appropriate system and plans that would work very well in the garden


This irrigation project would not have been possible without the ongoing work and help from Rosemary, Lissa, Allison, Inka, and of course, Hattie Braun. In light of this, we will be working in order to incorporate this polytubing/emitter system onto Colton Community Garden!

By: Christian Alcaraz


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