Polytubing and Emitter System How-to!


An irrigation project that would be consistent in being the most effective for Colton Community Garden was thoroughly worked on by Christian Alcaraz who received great collaboration from Rosemary, Lissa, Hattie, Allison, and Inka, along with several other sources who aided in the completion of the garden irrigation design plan.


The garden irrigation plan consists of polytubing and emitter tubing that would essentially be a great form of irrigating the garden, and facilitating the actual watering of all of the different plants, crops, and vegetables being grown.

 The polytubing and emitter system would extend to each of the beds shown above, which would ultimately prove very beneficial for all of the crops being grown.

The system consists of connecting the upper items to a water source and to each other and building the whole set up in accordance to wherever you are going to install this system.


The whole system would ultimately be very beneficial for the Colton Community Garden, and any garden that is in need of a good irrigation system.

By: Christian Alcaraz


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