The Do’s & Dont’s of Gardening starring students from a local middle school



  • When watering plants, pour close to the roots. This will help the roots grow long and stay straight.
  • Check soil by placing finger knuckle-deep into the soil. If the soil is moist, do not water. If the soil is dry, the it is time to water.
  • When watering, water early in the morning or in the late evening. By doing this, you give the plant more time to soak up the water, with a smaller risk of evaporation.



  • Overwater plants because they will die.
  • Underwater plants because they will also die.
  • Eat anything in garden without directions or knowledge. Even though some plants look palatable, like tomatoes, but parts of the plant can actually be toxic to body.

Today in the Colton Community Garden, we had the opportunity to work with local middle school students. During this time, middle school students paired with our NAU students and went to pull weeds. One group focused on pulling weeds to make room for the chicken coup that is soon to be expected.



The other half, pulled weeds as well as dead roots within the pumpkin patch. Those were then taken across the garden to be composted.

colton1   colton3 (Picture on left is of the gardens’ 70 lb pumpkin- picture on the right is of the dead plants ready to be composted)

colton6  colton5 GOT BEANS?? 

(The students were directed to pick beans to harvest)

colton7(Here Kaelyn and Maddie are chopping up the crops so they’ll fit in the compost bin)



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