Working Together in the Colton Community Garden


When we first got to the Colton Community Garden, a double rainbow formed over the garden due to the rain we had experienced earlier in the day. Thankfully, the rain cleared up and we were able to spend time working in the garden.


Bridgette and Yessenia took turns mixing the compost, this must be done about every week or every other week to make sure that the compost does not overheat.





We had to check the temperature of the compost to make sure it was between 120℉ and 160℉. The reason this temperature is so important is because after 160℉ the organisms in the compost stop serving their purpose.




While turning the compost one of the students, Bridgette, found a worm and decided to pick it up. We were then explained the importance of worms to the composting process.



Austin and Joanie spent the day weeding the garden, a task that must be done in order for our plants to thrive. Any plant can be a weed if it is growing in an area that it is unwanted, so they had to be careful to only pull what they were supposed to.



For one of our garden projects, our group is building a new self wicking garden bed. This is a raised bed that supply water from the bottom up. Today, we figured out the dimensions of our bed, as well as how much lumber, rock, and soil we need to complete our project.



After we were done with the gardening work for the day, we took time to study our different garden topic presentations that will take place later in the semester. Our Graduate Assistant Nicole also taught us some of the important do’s of  gardening. Some gardening tips we learned about include: consider your space, assess abiotic and biotic factors, pay attention to growing seasons, avoid GMOs, consider companion planting, and asses your soil. These tips will come in handy when starting a garden  of our own.

By: Hailey Bryant and Zach Prusinski



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