Mercado De Los Sueños Apple Cider

Our class had the pleasure of visiting The Market of Dreams on October 5th. Once we arrived we split into 3-4 groups to preform various tasks. Two groups spent their time cutting apples and removing the wormy pieces. Another group helped Ward set up the apple press. The fourth group consisted of students who currently weren’t working on a project, and so they explored the shop. Inside, there were handmade products including candles, scarves, pinatas and more.









Slicing and organizing the apples was a very quick process. The apples were dunked into a bucket of water prior to sorting. Each student carefully, yet efficiently, divided the apples into clean and rotten piles. Before we knew it, we had two buckets filled with apple slices ready for grinding.



Before pressing the apples, Ward tossed the prepared apple slices into a homemade wooden grinder. Afterwords the apples were softer, more compact and easier to press. He then constructed a tower made of three apple layers separated by wooden mats. Even before he started pressing, the apples had already begun to release their juices. Ward then added a stabilizer atop the mats, followed by two cinder blocks to reach the height of the crank. He added pressure to the apple layers by pulling the level which resulted in a little over a gallon of cider.



Everyone was able to taste the fresh apple cider. It was unlike anything you could purchase from a store. I believe we were all quite thankful to be a part in the creation of such a treat.  Ward also had an assortment of dried apple slices for us to sample. They encompassed everything wonderful about an apple in a tiny sliver.



After saying our thanks, the class concluded the day by dining at La Fonda’s Mexican Restaurant. We discussed future projects and shared nachos. Everyone seemed pleased.

By: Shaelin Wood & Kendall Parkins


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