Colton Community Garden

During our garden hours this week we were able to harvest a lot of vegetables.  We were shocked that so many veggies were still growing this late in the season!  We harvested carrots, beets, tomatoes, fava beans, swiss chard, arugula and kale.  We also were able to water the plants that were still producing.

We even got to eat some of the food too!  It was surprising that all the food was so flavorful, even with it being so late in the season and having had frosts already.

Austin indulging in a juicy tomato in the greenhouse

In addition to eating the veggies, we also watered the kale, carrots, beets and arugula in the Monsoon Garden.

Joanie is watering the arugula
Austin is collecting rainwater that was stored to water the plants
A fava bean that we harvested and eventually consumed


A beet that we harvested from the ground

Overall, it was a successful day at the Colton Community Garden.  We are happy to see the vegetables still producing and we have so much arugula that we don’t know what to do with it all!

By: Joanie Strattman and Madi Skansi


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