Mystic Harvest October 19th, 2016 by Christian Kalos & Matt Glenn


For this class period, we had guest speakers Kate and Mike visit who are in a duo band called Mystic Harvest.  Mike is a naturopathic doctor at Root Natural Health in downtown Flagstaff and specializes in natural medicines.


Kate discussed how she used to work at the Colton Community Garden and then the entire class talked about ways in which we can improve the garden.   She told us all the ways she lives sustainably and things that we can do ourselves in order to be more sustainable.


They brought in jars of Calendula that they would make into a topical treatment to heal cuts and wounds.  This is one of many ways of how to use the earth for natural medicine.  This might be something that Mike might use as a natural remedy.



This is the Calendula in a topical form.


Kate and Mike sang one of their songs for us called Listen to the River of Life .  Kate played the acoustic guitar while Mike played the mandolin.  You can find there bands page at


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