A day in the Garden 10/6

Today in the garden we began the building process of our garden bed. It went along as a normal day in the garden, we all split up into teams and divided up the work. Some people watered the plants, others looked at compost to see if it needed turning, and the rest of us started the first step to creating our bed.

First thing we had to do was tear down the boarder that remained from the previous bed. During this process, we found a wasp nest in the rotten log. We had take precaution when dealing with the nest, thankfully there was only one wasp inhabiting the nest, and we ended up scaring it away.

This is the bed next to our garden space. We decided to take the measurements of this bed and use it for the new bed.

Next we took the measurements of the garden bed and put it next to new location. We plan on creating a bed the same size, so we created a scale using tape. The tape gave us a guide for digging, we made it a tad larger to take into account the boarders that we are going to set up.

Zach and Austin digging up the garden bed.

Once we finished creating the guide, we began digging. At first it was guys that were responsible for the digging the rest of us were “supervising.” After a couple minutes we started to trade off the shoveling and in the end it was the girls that finished the job.

Bridgette, Hailey, Joanie, and Madie finishing off the job.

Now we have the foundation ready our plan is to get the materials needed to begin constructing the garden bed.


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