Sue & Tony Norris

For our first guest of the semester we welcomed Sue & Tony Norris!  Sue has had a love for gardening since 1968 , ever since she moved to Virginia.  Her goal in moving there was to “completely live off the land”.  She recounted having to work countless hours caring for the garden, which was their only source of food. Having to depend solely on the planet for your source of nourishment can really strengthen the bond between earth, mind, and body.

Tony Norris is a musician, and he brought his guitar for us that day.  He played a song called “Grandma Put it All in Jars”.  The discussed the benefits of over-growing, harvesting, and then canning the extra produce!  The song was light-hearted and he is an exquisite musician!


By: Yessenia Perez & Bridgette Brados



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