When in Sedona…

Mario’s Greenhouse. His tomato vines.
Beautiful view of the creek in Sedona.


Apple Orchard at the Garland’s Lounge.

On Sunday, October 30th a group of students from our Growing Community class took a trip down to Sedona where we got to experience many different activities. First, we went to Garland’s Lodge where we met with a man named Mario who showed us his magnificent garden and his greenhouse. He gave us some information on how he’s had to put wire up around the garden to keep the deer and other animals out. Mario also explained how he tested two different pest controls in his greenhouse. He also had huge vines of kiwis growing around and on his greenhouse. During our time at the Garland’s Lodge we got to see the Apple Orchard where they sell their apples at the local Sedona Farmer’s Market. We also got to play in the creek at the entrance of the Garland’s Lounge. We then went to the Indian Gardens Cafe and had delicious homemade local foods for lunch. After the cafe we headed to the Sedona Farmer’s Market. On our drive we got to see a little bit of downtown Sedona and got to meet some locals at the Farmer’s Market. At the Farmer’s Market, we talked to director of the market, and she informed us on the rules of how you can be a part of the market and also on some history of the Farmer’s Market. Some interesting things that she told us was that all venders are local and there are only food venders at the market. Overall it was a wonderful day and we got to experience a lot of new things in Sedona.


By: Joanie Strattman & Madi Skansi 

Photos by: Shaelin Wood


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