FYS Symposium

On the first of December our Growing Community class all attended the 2016 FYS Symposium at 5 PM sharp, our first one ever at that. At first, we all came in slowly but eventually all of us got there to help set the table up.

Some of our fellow FYS class table setups.
Our table was set up right near the entrance, it was the first thing you saw walking in.
(from left to right) Laura, Hailey, Kaelyn, and Lizzie make sure the table setup looks good.

At the beginning of the event, a well-known and obviously well-liked Professor took the microphone to introduce the event and explain what was going to happen throughout the course of it. First there was going to be a skit performed by his Civic Engagement class, then there was food served at 6:15, when we could also do some exploring around the different tables to see if any caught our attention, or were related to our class and what we learned. Then, we were to meet back at about 7:15. With all that time to explore, there were some booths that stood out to me, as we have talked and/or read about them in depth in Growing Community.

This class’s poster showed the evolution of Flagstaff from a small town, to a (still) rapidly growing city.
This group focused on GMOs and the harmful effects they have on our bodies.
Here, the Pollinator Group showed off their beekeeping gear, as well as a handmade bee box.

There were other interesting booths that caught my eye as well, but not because they had to do with what we learned per say, but with what I gathered and noticed from our class and the wonderful people in it.

The skit drew me to this booth, which highlights the importance of making a difference.
This poster talked about how the technology today can get the best of us, but we still must stay connected and know what is going on in the world around us.
This setup explained the importance of closeness in society and in relationships between most things.

Finally after we all got to walk around and see all of the tables and what they had to offer, we all sat down for a group activity where we sat in a circle and just basically talked the entire time about our classes and why we loved them. Turns out, that everyone really loves these FYS classes, and it is easy to see why. Each class itself is like a smaller community within a larger one, with people who become closer throughout the class and may even come out of their shell a bit. I thought that this was a really great event and I hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as I genuinely did.


Written by: Alix Morris


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