Growing Community Winter Showcase

Well we have finally reached the end of Growing Community. This whole semester in this particular class was an amazing experience, and one that I would definitely want to do over again, multiple times even. At the beginning of the showcase, all of us arrived by car, through carpooling, some of us came earlier than others in order for us to have sufficient time to set everything up. The tables and shelves ended up looking amazing.

Our soap and salve making table was a huge hit, as well as the raffle, which was won by the one Kaelyn Gavin (LUCKY).
Bridget and Yesseniah welcome guests and customers alike with whiteboard art.


When we finally got all set up inside, we started a small bonfire in a fire pit outside, it was really pretty and really relaxing just sitting around the fire talking with the good friends we have all made throughout this course. Apparently everyone else felt that way too (although most of them don’t look.. erm.. too happy).

I am like 80% sure they are having fun, or maybe it was just really cold…

After standing around and warming ourselves by the bonfire a little bit, we all decided that we should take some group pictures, play in the snow (or was was left of it anyways), and just take advantage of and soak up the gorgeous Arizona sunset put on display that night. Afterwards, some of us went back inside to explore.

Our beautiful view of Flagstaff’s marvelous sunset.
Maddie snaps a selfie while admiring the falling sun.








Of course another selfie is needed, especially whilst flinging snow (accidentally of course, at Shaelin, who was gracious enough to capture the whole event in photos.


Laura admires a table filled with homemade jewelry.
We all couldn’t help but admire the chemistry between these two as they sang during the event

At about 6 o’clock, after having been at the Colton Garden Showcase, we carpooled to Rosemary’s house for some chili, and of course some animal snuggles, be them from her very sweet dog Chaco, or her two… less sweet… but VERY cute and rambunctious goats, Petri and Pickles.

Chaco, of course was a fan favorite at                          Rosemary’s house, maybe he just                                           wanted some chili actually,                                                             but oh well.
And who could forget Bryn, who adorably gave/threw us Christmas presents.

Later that night after we all stuffed ourselves full with Rosemary’s DELICIOUS chili, we headed out the door with hugs and pretty sad goodbyes, at least for me. I really enjoyed this class and the view ad atmosphere it provided everyday. I am honored to say that I was part of this class and part of something bigger than just a college course for a credit. I had so much fun and I will miss everyone involved. It was a great semester and good luck to everyone, and may only good things come your way.



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