How to: A Tiny Home

For our final project in Rosemary Logan’s FYS Living the Good Life class, we decided, based on our personal interest, to post two blog entries involving sustainable homes, specifically tiny houses. This blog entry will be composed of the basic steps taken to build a tiny home.


Building a tiny home takes roughly three to four months to complete. The average size of a tiny home is between 100 and 400 square feet of livable space.



Framing consists of four factors: insulation, strength, weight and ease of construction. The framing must provide quality thermal insulation that is packed tightly, allowing for limited air leaks. The framework must be strong due to the amount of transportation the mobile home will undergo. Also, to allow for mobility, the tiny home will need to be light weight; omitting concrete, brick and other heavy materials. Lastly, the framework should be minimal enabling for a quick build.



When looking for materials to use for the walls of a tiny home, reclaimed materials are one of the best sustainable options. Some commonly used materials for tiny home walls are metal and wood paneling.



Electricity in tiny homes is often all routed to the same source. It is up to the owner to determine where the source of the electricity is going to be located. Tiny houses on wheels can also be powered off-gird through sources such as gas generators and alternative power systems like solar panels.



The most practical option for a water system in a tiny home is a tank and a pump. A tank will be placed within the tiny home with the use of a pump to circulate and pressurize the water. This is one of the best choices when it comes to living functionally off-grid.



The finishing touches allow the owner to be creative through personalizing their tiny home. Due to the minimalistic aspect of a tiny home, reclaimed furniture and supplies can be found through sources such as craigslist, garage sales and other second-hand shops. Finishing touches transform the process from a project to an inviting and cozy home.

Resources used in Blog & for more information regarding Tiny Homes:

Blog by Samantha Iannone and Sophia Sheehan


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