How To Live A Good Life

I wanted to make a how to for a good life because for everyone a good life is different and can be reached in different ways. This how to is not meant to force you to live your life in this way, but if you are feeling lost or not sure where to go next with your life this how to can be a great guide line for you. I know you are probably second guessing your choice to read this how to paper but that is how I felt when I joined my “Living the Good Life” class. I learned and grew so much in those 18 weeks and I hope I can share just a little bit of that with you in the essay.

For everyone, living a good life can mean many different things. But one thing we can all do to make our lives better and to feel more enlightened with our selves is making sure we give back to our community. By this, I mean volunteering at your local homeless shelter or events that are happening within your community. Volunteering is the best way to get out there and make a difference in your life and the lives of others (Casano). I know for me I never volunteered until for my Living the Good Life Class we were required to. Now I have volunteered for three events within my community just this semester and every time I do go out to a community event I feel a sense of belonging. Volunteering not only makes you feel like a better person but helps others more than we could ever imagine.volunteers

Another thing that improves your life’s quality is just being thankful for what we have. I know it’s hard to get lost in our day to day lives and to always be looking for more than what we have, but if we take a step back and appreciate the love and compassion we have surrounding us our overall outlook of life will be much more positive (10 Ways to Be a More Thankful Person). It’s one thing to say what we are thankful once a year on Thanksgiving but try saying three things you’re a thankful for every day either when you wake up or before you go to bed. By doing this you will realize all the things you have in your life to be thankful for. Continuing to do this every day you will have a brighter attitude towards yourself and others. Many people are not as lucky as us Americans when it comes to what we have to be grateful for but by recognizing that and taking into consideration the others around us we can live a happier life and above all live a good life.

One thing that is extremely difficult for me to do and probably for most people in my generation is putting away our electronics (11 Ways to Live a Happier Life). My phone is always an arm’s length away or in sight. I know this does not sound healthy and I know that it isn’t healthy but if you and I were to turn off our electronics and get outside our lives would get a lot better. We are constantly surrounded by bad news and negative images while we are online and scrolling through social media. By unplugging and getting outside we are seeing natures beauty and all she has to offer. Standing and taking in the energy of the sun brightens our moods and even leaves us feeling rejuvenated.  When we acknowledge the beauty around us and don’t let others control our mood we tend to be happier with our lives. A happy life, to me, is a good life and that is all our main goal. We want to be proud of the life we lived and all that we accomplished.


Following these three easy steps will help you in the long–run say you lived not only a good life but a great life. It may be hard to stop walking in the footsteps of society’s norms but just taking a few minutes out of your day and reciting out loud what you are thankful for and getting outside to enjoy the sun and natures’ beauty your outlook on life will turn positive. A positive life equals a happy life which equals a good life.



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