Planting, Watering, and Filling Holes

By Gabriel Abeyta

On Wednesday, March 28, The Wednesday ALT’s group was at Colten garden. Being a nice and sunny day, neither freezing nor unbearably hot, it was a perfect day to plant. In the greenhouse there are many pots that contain various types of European grain. The greenhouse also had some separate plants created by a youth group who used newspapers as mini pots which were in a larger plastic container. The plastic container was to be filled until the water was as equally distributed to soak each set of newspaper. Last but surely not least, there were some prairie dog holes that needed to be filled in order to keep the plants from being eaten. Although these beautiful little animals are just trying to survive by getting a bite of delicious produce from the garden, they do not often just eat some and go away, they will empty the garden if allowed.  Being the small garden that Colten is, it is necessary to prosper every ounce of what is yielded.

Group Selfie of Wednesday’s Group



As previously stated, the main goal for us during this time period was to plant. Putting each plant in collums, we dug 2- 3 inch holes and placed each individual plant in its own hole while being about 3 inches apart vertically and about 5 inches apart horizontally.

The half-way mark of the planting process.
The finished product.


Although it is difficult to tell, this is a prairie dog hole that Bergen and Jared filled with mulch. Prairie dogs being furry and cute, are also an animal which is very swift in making a lush garden disappear so these acts are justified.

Can not even tell it was there.



The newspaper pots needed to be watered so that is what I did. Unfortunately one of the plastic containers was cracked so we were unable to water one of the sets being that there were no extra boxes. But for the other ones, a slow and steady watering pace was needed to fill the containers without letting them overflow.

The one on the right was the one that was cracked and drained all the water.
Overall, the experience at Colten garden on this day was enjoyable and the perfect activity to participate in at the beginning of spring.



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