SNAIL Garden and Mulch!

By: Isabella Troggio and Ella Chiappone

On Thursday March 29, 2018 our ALT’s group met at the Snail Garden over on south campus. We had a hard time finding it but we managed to make it in time. This day was particularly nice however there was a little bit of a breeze. While we were at the snail garden Kim gave us a tour of the outside garden and we learned about how the garden buried logs in order to create a hill to cut some of the wind flow that comes towards the area. We also explored inside the greenhouses and everyone in our group got a chance to see what the SNAIL club plants. After our little adventure we all helped Kim and Frits move soil over to Colton garden.

SNAIL garden sign

There were a few leaves sprouting up from the soil and we decided to taste them. However, Ella ended up getting a splinter and had to get the first aid kit. Kim thankfully helped her get it out and we were back to business.

Season extender with some sprouting leaves (also the place Ella got her splinter)

Once we got to Colton, we were all split up into different tasks. A few of the students turned the compost while some of the others filled up a bucket with water and began watering the flowers that were beginning to sprout. Once these little house keeping jobs were finished the group started to get into a more manual labor filled job. We were assigned to shoveling mulch and using a wheelbarrow to wheel what we had to spread an equal layer on the ground.

Isabella picking up the wheelbarrow

Once the sun started to set Kim and Emily gathered all of the ALT students together for a reflection meeting at the picnic table outside of the greenhouse. We discussed what we learned that day and we also planned out a community garden event that we could host at the end of April. After being away from the garden for spring break it was nice for all of us to be back and get to work again!

Admiring the view after a long day

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