Garden Progress On April 5th

On Thursday April 5th our alts group went to the Colten garden. Kim told us that we had a few things to do when I asked him what we were doing today, he must not have wanted to ruin the surprise. When our group arrived, it was pretty chilly and kind of cloudy so it wasn’t exactly the nicest day. It was definitely sweater weather. The first task of the day that Kim told us to do was pulling out most of the weeds from the soil, we grabbed some shovels to loosen the soil and then used gloves to pull them out. At this time, I snapped a few pictures of everyone and also told Broc if he can snap a few on my phone since my phone has better a better camera. We did not get all the weeds out of the soil because Kim said we did not need to completely finish since we were on limited time and needed to start some other projects.
The next thing we did was split into groups and were given some different assignments to take care of. Isabel, Ella, and I were given the compost and basically just had to mix it around. I never usually do the compost because of the mice, but this time I decided to give it a go. Mice are not really my thing, so I always despised doing this. Luckily, this time I did not run into any mice and basically just had to stir the composing soil which was not bad at all. At this time I snapped a few more pictures of people working and the mountains in the background that I always love looking at. That is probably my favorite thing about going up to the Colten garden every time. It really is just super relaxing and peaceful.
My experience was just as good during that blog day. I helped Kim move bricks into a pile which were surrounding an onion garden. Underneath these bricks were dozens of centipedes, some longer than my index finger. I used Alex’s phone to take pictures, unfortunately I forgot to take any of the centipedes. Despite my failed picture attempts our alts group undoubtedly made good progress for the garden. This left us with a quite satisfyingly successful day.

Onion garden full of tasty chives
Tear down of that same garden
Working hard to mix the compost
Kim giving orders
The group working on weeds



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