March for Science

By Anastasia Salazar

Date of Event: April 14, 2017

It was a nice breezy day, filled with joy as hundreds of passionate individuals gathered at Thorpe Park in Flagstaff, Arizona for science. On this beautiful Saturday at 2 p.m., I went on an adventure with some friends to the March for Science event that began at the park mentioned above and ended at the City Council. To be honest, I tagged along with my friends to see what this event was all about.

Me on the right with some friend for the March for Science at Thorpe Park.

I had no clue what it meant when people were yelling, “What do we want? Evidence-based action. When do we want it? After peer-review!”. I was so lost in the commotion, however at the end, I went to experience what it would be like to protest in which many others were inspired about. My main question was: Why would hundreds of individuals be marching for science?

Many individuals created unique posters for their dogs. This one was the cutest! It is a Science Lab!

Well later on that day I discovered from a speech that all across the country thousands of individuals are fighting for science because board members and the government officials have been diminishing not only the funds for science, however the idea of it. Many activists at this march were outraged at the fact that they had to march for pure facts.

All of us marching to the city council.

The idea behind this march was to showcase that people care about what science has done for society as a whole. It has provided the world with protection, communication, learning, and growing yet the government and states seem to degrade it by objecting pure facts and cutting funds. Many of the individuals who spoke at this event were upset at the fact that leaders of America were making science political when science stands on its own.

One of the speakers Paul, a scientist, speaking to us about the importance of standing up against politics.

Without science, we would not have such an advanced society where people can live longer and be healthier. This march signifies how close-knitted Flagstaff is to the bases of what science is. This event brought together fellow students and scientists to fight for a wonderful cause. I am glad I participated with friends to experience the passion people feel towards science and would do it again. 


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