Peace on Earth, Man!

By Nick Badalamenti and Chandler Boldig
On Friday, April 13th, Earth Jam Events held a music festival at NAU’s central quad. It was a chance for NAU students to be outside and enjoy some free music and food while also celebrating the earth. There was even a huge rock-climbing wall for students to test their climbing skills! The atmosphere at this event was free and easy and everyone had a smile on their face. On a small yet well-built stage, a band of what seemed to be NAU students performed covers of some classic rock songs. Although rock music did not really fit the mood of this event, the band did a fantastic job, and everyone seemed to be loving their music. Two girls in particular were dancing their hearts out to every single song as if they were at a concert featuring one of their favorite bands. Across from the stage were several tables with people offering their goods and services. One table was giving away free reusable cups and mugs, one table offered lessons in how to make your own sewing kit, another table had a clothing exchange, and much more. It was great to see people who are passionate about certain things be able to demonstrate their passion to students at NAU. Those who received the free cups were able to learn about the importance of reusing containers rather than using plastic cups every time you purchase a drink. Those who learned how to make a sewing kit learned about the benefits of being able to make your own clothing. All in all, this was a great event hosted by Earth Jams. If you are someone who likes free food, free music, or even rock-climbing, I would highly recommend attending this event if it occurs again in the future. Being outside on a beautiful day with great music and people who genuinely care about the earth is a day well spent if you ask me!

Large trees provided shade for some of the tables and booths

Only a brave few attempted to conquer the rock wall

One of the bands performing some covers of classic songs

The band and a couple of their fans

A beautiful flower because why not


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