Sedona Hiking Trip

By Gabriel Abeyta

On Sunday April 22, a few classmates and Student Teacher Emily went on a hiking trip in Sedona, Arizona. Participants include Ash, Sam, Grace, Nick, Myself, and Emily. We left NAU around 10:15 am, Emily and myself being the drivers. The Drive to Sedona was at times beautiful looking at the mountains and beautiful rock.

Upon arriving to our destination, we experienced a beautiful 2-3 mile hike near the airport. Not being in the best of shape I definitely got a good workout in, which made the trip all the worth it.

Beautiful Day to Explore a Giant Rock!

After traveling up a large deformed stair case, we gathered for a group photo. I do not know the exact temperature but if I had to say a number I would say it felt like 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, we did not see any wild life during the hike, but we did see a few dogs so I guess that counts as something.

I had trouble uploading all the photos so the quality is very blurry.
Beautiful background in this one. 
 After going to Indian Gardens, a fantastic restaurant on the side of the road, we went across the street to a creek. If I remember correctly, we had an accident where grace nearly fell all the way into the creek soaking her pants. I did not feel the water, however I sat above the area and watched the others enjoy themselves.
The Great Emily and Sam by the creek.



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