The Lovely Market

Today was a great day to experience some delicious produce, here in our very own town of Flagstaff. Approximately three miles away from my dorm is a really nice farmers market. It happens to be called “Flagstaff Farmers Market”. I was intrigued by the amount of ripe and beautiful looking fruits and vegetables they had lined up from the back to the front. My eye caught more towards the rarities of the store, considering that they had great looking honey, tea, blue bird flour, salsa and even candy!

Very welcoming entrance and vibe.
The one and only “Flagstaff Farmers Market”

The staff worked really hard and I was able to have the luxury of asking some questions and learn. I was surprised to hear that the business is family operated and own…. considering I almost asked for a job. They are local, affordable and they genuinely care about their customers, which leads me to this entry. The marketing style that they approach with… is no style at all. They are passionate about giving to the people and receiving smiles, instead of filling their pockets.

I was very stoked to buy these.

More love needs to be blended in all business. I happened to buy a good amount of carrots, since I couldn’t allow myself to walk out empty-handed. I plan to go to this location a lot next semester and begin to support more of our local markets. The three mile drive is exceptionally worth the amount of produce you can haul back.

Had a very wide selection!

Was glad that i opened my mind to the mechanics behind running a nice little establishment such as this and the perks that it involves. I received the privilege to end my night with making a nice salad with some organic produce stirred in and it was great! In conclusion, I highly recommend any reader to check this place out, if you haven’t already, because I couldn’t complain whatsoever.


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