WALL-E w/ Friends

By: Isabella Troggio

April 20 2018

Image result for wall e

On Friday March 20th, me and a few fellow classmates went over to south campus to watch WALL-E for extra credit. This film is about the last surviving robot on earth. Many years ago earth was overcome with loads and loads of trash and the humans had to leave earth on a spaceship so that the robots could clean while they were gone. Not a single thing was alive on earth and each day the spaceship would send down one robot to try and find any form of life. Finally, a robot named Eve found a plant. Once she went back to the spaceship and showed the captain the plant so they were all free to go home. However, throughout the movie there are many twists and turns including an intertwined love story.

Image result for students watching a movie

Real photo of my classmates and I watching WALL-E

At the end of the movie we each had to write down a question to ask everyone pertaining to the movie, My question was “if the world becomes overran with pollution and garbage, what do you think our first steps would be to overcome it?” I think we got a really good discussion in and it really opened our minds to new ideas.

Image result for wall-e garbage

earth overcome with trash in movie

Image result for walle plant

first sign of life found on earth


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