Final Class

Final Class By Alex Root


Today was our last day of class. After almost 20 weeks, the last day has finally come. In a fitting last class, we were invited to Julie’s house for a potluck. Everyone brought such great food choices. From Oreos to enchiladas, we had a nice feast together as a family. Most of us were there, and even a neighbor or two decided to attend.



Once we all arrived we busted into the food. It was delightful and enjoyed in the company of good friends. We ate for a long time, even going back for seconds. The night was really fun and easy.

After we had finished our meal, time for some yearbooks! Okay so they weren’t really yearbooks, they were paper plates, but the idea was still the same. We taped paper plates to our backs and then everyone wrote on the paper plates. We wrote down everything from the downright random, to the heartfelt and inspirational. Understanding what you mean to others is a very humbling and interesting experience. Especially in a class as close knit as this one.


The third and final part of the evening was a trust-circle-like activity. We all piled on top of, or around Julie’s couch, and we were asked to speak our feelings of the class. Of the entire night, this was the most emotional part of the night. To hear how each of us has had an influence and impact on the others was a truly emotionally experience. We had become like a family.


Of all of our classes this was truly the most emotionally eventful. From eating together to expressing our deepest love for each other, this class just goes to show how it was much more than just gardening. It was about friendship. I’m sure that none of us will forget the impact this class had upon our lives, and I am grateful to have been apart of it all.


-Alex Root



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