Hiking Around Campus!

By Acacia Barrett

Today, my friend Ryleigh and I decided that we wanted to go on a hike since it was so nice out and all our other friends were busy. Plus, hiking would be a great way to get out of the dorms for a bit and take a breather before having to go back to studying for finals. As soon as we had this thought though, we realized that not only did neither of us want to take the bus, but neither of us can drive or even own bikes. So, we decided to see what Northern Arizona University had to offer us and decided to look for some good hiking places right here on campus. NAU claims to have a lot of things that are right here on campus and the college did not disappoint!


Gotta stay hydrated!

Not only did we discover little spots on campus that we didn’t know existed, we got to go on the trails that we would see walking around campus. We had a blast and was very relaxing. I wish that I had tried hiking these paths sooner. I feel a lot calmer about studying now, and I did not have to even leave campus! I would highly recommend doing this if you just need a break like we did because it is right on campus and you can spend as little time as 20 minutes out there just relaxing and taking in the beautiful Northern Arizona landscape and creatures. There are even some nice bike paths if you are not up for walking. It, overall, was an amazing experience and knowing me, I will be back out there again before the end of finals week. I am planning on taking full advantage of this weather while it is still as pretty as it is.


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